Hello world,

we are a bunch of millions of developers and users. We want our libre software we create, develop, maintain & use to exist as long as human beings exist, to preserve our citizen freedom and such other things ...

We need the corresponding technologies to make it as efficient as it could be, because we often don't have infinite energy to get all of those done ...

That's also why Ada has something to bring to the GNU Community.

Goals :

  • Communicate & Promote to the GNU community about the amazing open Ada technology that is available.
  • Present and promote all Ada Open Source Projects & Initiatives that can interest the GNU Community.
  • Promote software engineering to the GNU Community

Get prepared :

  • Brainstorm about the GGA Initiative, complete the goals
  • What tools do we need ? (Wiki, ...)
  • How to communicate nicely ?
  • Brainstorm about how to launch the GGA initiative
    (Contents, Events, Comic Strips, Tutorials ...)

Act :

  • Create categories for all kinds of subjects
    (Software Engineering, Process, Technology, Education, ...)
  • For each category create the key ideas we want to share
  • For each category create the contents, events, comics, tutorials, ...
  • For each category add the links to other Ada websites, projects & initiatives
  • ...

To get redactor permission on the GGA Initiative, please subscribe at http://www.gandi.net/login/new and send your login name at [1], I will add it to the redactor list.

Do not hesitate to discuss about it on your preferred newsgroups, may be a redactor would input the discussion synthesis on the blog.

Want another motivation to create your account ?
Get a free DNS using your new account at https://dix.gandi.net/ (10_000 left until the 10 march 2010)

[1] contact@ this host name (without blog.)